Beautiful and Festive Holiday Bouquets from Rook and Rose 

It turns out I really like flowers. I always said that I didn’t want my boyfriend to waste money on flowers… but I was lying! They are gorgeous to look at, and smell wonderful, and they make you feel special.

If your significant other doesn’t buy you flowers… buy them for yourself! They still look just as gorgeous, smell just as wonderful, and make you feel equally as special!

Here are some festive holiday arrangements from one of my favorite floral boutiques ever, Rook and Rose in Victoria, BC, Canada.

mistle toe magic
Mistle Toe Magic
snow globe
Snow Globe
red carpet
Red Carpet
white out
White Out

If you haven’t heard of or been to Rook and Rose, you must check them out. You can order directly from their website. They are always creative in their arrangements, very inspiring.

Rook and Rose

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