Wallpaper is back, with authority!

Gone are the days of granny’s frilly florals and tacky borders around every room. Also gone are the countless hours of wetting, blow-drying and scraping the old stuff of the walls.

Patterns are bold, colours are plentiful, installation & removal are a breeze.

Here are some of my favorite picks from Graham & Brown. You can order them via the links, or contact me and I can help you select the right style, colour and quantity for your home. If you need more than 2 rolls, I can save you money on shipping too! Email me here for more info. Or go to my Facebook Page to get in touch.

Kinky Vintage, Naughty Noir

Kinky Vintage: Naughty Noir – $155.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.


 Frames; Black & White

Frames : Black & White Wallpaper – $45.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.

Tattoo; Grape

Tattoo: Grape Wallpaper – $85.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.

Crowns & Coronets

Crowns & Coronets – $70.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.


Vitality: Black Wallpaper – $75.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.

Burst; Red

Burst – Red wallpaper – $55.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.


Desire: Blue wallpaper – $75.00
from: Graham & Brown, Inc.

If you’re in Powell River, BC, come into the new store and design showroom at 4670B Marine Ave (between Pagani’s and The Knack). You can browse throught the instock furniture and decor, or pour over fabric, wallpaper and window covering sample books and catalogs.

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