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If you’d love to create a stylish, modern bathroom, it’s worth investing in some beautiful, contemporary sanitaryware and paying attention to the principles of interior architecture.

Modern bathroom suites come in all shapes and sizes but, among their differences, many of the more eclectic designs have a common feature: a dramatically different silhouette. Not different from each other (although that, too, is true) but different from a traditional bathroom suite.



So, where previously you would have found a gently curving freestanding bath or a rectangular fitted bath, a pedestal basin (or similarly shaped wall hung basin) and a close coupled WC, you can now discover sanitaryware with a strikingly different outline: a zigzag or spiral basin, for example, or a steeply shelving glass bathtub.




Although the bathroom suite is important, however, there is more to a well designed bathroom than simply its fittings. The principles of interior architecture state that a room needs balance, a focal point (or focal points) and rhythm:

● Balance: simply put, this means ensuring that your room layout and decor are not only workable in a practical sense but that they work visually too. Spreading the visual weight of everything in your bathroom across the space and keeping individual elements in proportion allows the eye to roam freely around the room, taking everything in; it allows you to feel fully at home in the space; it is that hard to define sense that things are just ‘right’.

● Focal point: a room can appear uninteresting if there is nothing to immediately catch the eye. If your bathroom has no existing architectural ‘features’ (as many modern bathrooms do not), then create something, either by adding an eye catching piece of modern sanitaryware like the ones described above, or by adding colour, pattern or texture to an area of the room. Tiled basin splashbacks and feature walls are simple focal points, yet they work well in a bathroom setting.

● Rhythm: the repetition of pattern around your bathroom will establish a visual rhythm. This is true of your decor but also of your bathroom fittings, which is why it’s important to pay attention to shape when choosing sanitaryware. Too many differently shaped fittings can be jarring, but repeating a shape around your room will help to build up a rhythm; you can then introduce some contrast, if you wish, through part of your decor.

It’s also important to pay attention to the tone or mood you wish to create and use colour appropriately. And finally, the finishing touches of any well designed space are vital: don’t forget to ensure that details such as your cabinet handles, the pull cord on your light switch, and small bathroom accessories such your robe hook or soap dish actively enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom.














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